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Top 5 Time Management Tips for Event Managers.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”.


It is so important to manage your time regardless of what industry you work in. The passage of time often feels like it’s completely out of our control and on some levels it is. There is no stopping time marching forward, however when we learn to properly manage our time, we definitely earn back some control. We have listed our top 5 time management tips to help you in your Event Management career.


1/ Schedule your day

Allocate blocks of time for specific tasks as working within a clear time frame forces your brain to work towards a deadline. It is imperative to give yourself allocated time for each task and work to that deadline. You can do this by measuring your time in minutes, not hours.


2/ Track time

We all work at our maximum at different times of the day, so work out what times best suite you for different activities. For instance, when do you feel the most creative? This is a great time to do some social media planning and posting etc.


3/ Checking emails

Checking email only at certain, predefined times is an excellent time management tip, as you can focus on what you are doing in the moment. In fact, turn off all your notifications, that goes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s App etc. Give yourself allocated time to work on projects without the interruption of emails. It is only during this disconnected time you can be completely involved on the project at hand.


4/ Scheduling appointments in bundles

Whether you are visiting clients or attending meetings, try and bundle these appointments together in one day to minimise travel time and to maximise your time out of the office. Try to organise your meetings geographically also. The last thing you need is to lose 2 hrs of your day travelling between appointments.


5/ Leave time for the unexpected

Our favourite tip is to ensure that you always leave time for the unexpected throughout the day. Perhaps it could be a client needing something done very last minute or you need to attend a last minute meeting that wasn’t planned. Leaving time for the unexpected is vital in time management for the event industry.

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